Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stool Build-Off - 1:00

I decided the next step was to drill the one-inch holes in the seat for the legs.  Here is the beauty of hand tools:  I measured not one angle.  I set my gauges by eye, and kept them there.

The front legs do not stick out.  They angle only enough to bring the feet about even with the front of the seat.  The back ones angle a little more, to increase stability a little.  This stool should store away nicely.

A couple of bevel-gauges.
I picked these numbers because they looked about right.
This is precisely the angle of, "it looks about right."
Using the bevels to eyeball a brace and bit.
A couple of wonky angles, but hey!  It's my first Windsor chair!  I fixed these by rasping the edges of the hole a bit, and during glue up wedged the crap out of it.
Marking out the new shoulder.
Trimming the new shoulder.
Surprise, surprise!  It worked!  It's starting to look like a stool!
Next up:  Stretchers.

View the rest of my build here.

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