Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stool Build - 3:00

A guy's gotta take a nap, doesn't he?

After a little break It's back to work.  This stool will definitely need stretchers.

My original intention was to place the stretchers at the same height as my sawbench, in order to use it as an extension for longer pieces.  The multi-function is a great idea, but it would look weird having the stretchers so high.  Also, I'm not sure it would be structurally as good as having them lower.

While thinking about this problem the other day, I came upon the brilliant idea of laying out the stretchers to stand at the exact height of the sawbench - while the stool was standing upside down.  This is a great idea as not only will it mean it can accommodate wider boards, but the stretchers will be farther down for stability, AND it will be easier to lay out.
Use a pencil to mark where the top of the stretcher should go (or bottom, depending on your preference for the perspective.  The point is when it is upside down, the stretchers are at the same height as the sawbench).

One in already!

Here's how I did it.

Using a bevel and a brace.
They might need a bit of adjusting, but they are all in!
Next up:  Shaping the seat.

View the rest of my build here.

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