Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stool Build - 12:00

I forgot to mention my parameters for this project.  Besides the ones set out by the build-off itself (build in one day), I imposed some of my own limits:
  • I want to use only lumber I already have on hand.
  • I want to use only tools I already have (no new tools just for this).
  • The stool should have a small-ish footprint to avoid being more trouble than it is worth, as my shop is only about 100 square feet in size.  I'll call it a bonus if this stool fulfills multiple functions to earn it's real estate in my shop.  Bonus #2 is if it happens to look nice.
It should be easy enough. Right?

I settled on a rough shape similar to a bar stool I saw at work.  Except, instead of being engineered to be mass produced cheaply, mine will essentially be a Windsor chair.  At least, it will have a solid seat that the legs bore into.

If this is what I want, I need to make the ends of my legs round.
A triangle to keep the legs in order.

I'll attempt to find the center of this 8-sided shape, so I can draw a circle.

Close enough.

This is a temporary shoulder.  It is square, and once the leg is installed, it will need to be trimmed to whatever angle the leg happens to be at.

Ready to make the end a dowel.  I'm sure there are some great tools to do this with.  I don't have them, so I'll use a chisel, a rasp, and whatever else I can find to do this the old-fashioned way.

So far, so good!

It fits in my test piece!
Next up:  Fitting the legs to the seat.

View the rest of my build here.

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