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I am desperate to make some room in my shop by getting rid of excess tools. These tools will only be here a short while. If they don't sell, I will donate them.

There are no prices listed, because any offer, no matter how ridiculous, will be considered. I'll either accept your offer right away, or I might wait a bit to see if a higher offer comes in before I accept yours. If you want some great tools for less, send me an offer. I thought this would be a good idea, but it turns out most people are afraid of offending me. I'll put some rough prices down, but no cheeky offer will cause offense. Let me know what you can do, and I'll take pity, I promise!

There are a couple tools I might not be ready to part with yet, I'll let you know.

You can contact me by  email:

Or by WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, etc.

Shipping in Europe is no problem. Actual shipping cost is added to the purchase. I can ship anywhere else, too. Check with me as I bet I can find a good deal on shipping to the US.

Check back often, I will update this page often. New items will be at the top of the post.

Batch #4

As of 28 August 2021

Ohio #O22 Transitional Plane, Lakeside - 60 Euros

This is a cute little #2 sized transitional plane. It's in great shape, but I think it has been rehabbed by whoever I bought it from. It looks like the casting was spray painted black (it looks like it could have originally been red), and the wooden body tastefully cleaned up, and then sealed with some kind of film finish. It should be a fun user. 

Send me your offer, and in a week or two I'll take the highest one, if there are multiples.

Ohio #O5 Rough Bench Plane - 30 Euros

This plane looks rough, but it would be a pretty straightforward rehab, making a fine user plane. The horn on the tote is long gone, but everything else is still there. Even some green paint on the lever cap.

Ohio #O5 Bench Plane - 40 Euros

This one is in much better shape. I guess someone before I got ahold of it had rehabbed it. The body appears to have been repainted at some point, but it looks very good and should be a great user.

Ohio #O4 1/4 Bench Plane - 90 Euros

I'll be honest, I don't know much about this plane. I don't think it's particularly rare, but it's also not too easy to find. I've been scared to do anything with it since I got it years ago, so I haven't done anything with it since then. If it's been messed with, it wasn't me. 

This one I'll also take bids on for a week or ten days. Let me know if you have interest in it and we'll see what we can do.

Fulton No. 3710 (#4 Size) Bench Plane by Millers Falls - 15 Euros

Fulton planes made by Millers Falls are amazing. Fulton planes made by some of the other makers they used: it's a crap shoot. This one has a lot going for it. It was rehabbed and shined up by the previous owner. He even put a replica decal on the handle. Everything works well, and the blade is still very sharp. Like proper-woodworking sharp.

This plane is perfect, except it must have stood in some water for an extended period at some point. The sole is severely pitted. I'm not sure why the previous owner didn't go down further. It looks like he did what he could, and then go t tired of grinding. There is plenty of metal on the sole of this plane. If you feel like grinding it out, this plane would be an amazing worker.

Ohio #O30 Transitional Bench Plane - 40 Euros

At least I think it says O30. I bought this one from a tool "restorer." The restoration was more aggressive than I like, but it looks cool now. Supposedly there was very little japanning left. The previous owner did detect some of the red Japanning on it, so he painted it red. I've never seen another one, so I have no idea how authentic it is. 

This plane is the same length as a #7, maybe a tad longer. This plane needs someone to tune it up and put it to work.

Ohio #O7 Bench Plane with a Hock Iron - 60 Euros

I know this plane works, as I've used it, just not very much. It probably needs a bit more tuning. I suspect there isn't a #7 iron in my box of spare Ohio irons, as there is a fancy Hock iron in it. I would be willing to sell the iron separately from the plane, if that helps.

Crescent Mfg. Co. Block Plane - 15 Euros

This block plane was manufactured in New York, which makes me think it could be Ohio, but I don't really know. It is a standard angle, and nothing special. I'm sure it'll work just fine, but it isn't a Lie-Nielsen. 

Ohio #O4 Bench Plane - 40 Euros

This is the first Ohio plane I ever got, and it inspired me to get all of the others. It was thoughtfully rehabbed by the previous owner, and this guy just put it into working order. It does indeed work very, very well. It has a plastic handle, but don't let that put you off. It's one of the most comfortable handles I've ever used on a plane. There's not a lot left on the iron, but I bet it will last you for many years to come. I might even be able to find a replacement blade in my box o'Ohio Plane Blades, if you like. One of the things that makes these planes special is the thick, tapered plane blade. One of the few companies that did that.

Batch #3

As of 23 July 2021

Stanley #12 Scraper with Hock Blade - 60 Euros

Here's a fun tool. I'm afraid it isn't for the collector because someone drilled holes in the sole so they could attach a wooden sole to it, instead of buying a much more expensive plane. When I got it it didn't have a blade, so I bought a new Hock blade for it, and the brass blade tension screw was bent, so Jonas from Mulesaw was kind enough to make me a replacement on his lathe. I still have the bent screw and will include it, if you think you want it.

This screw was made by Jonas from Mulesaw.

Two Cool Gauge Planes - Both for 100 Euros

A while back I went crazy on American eBay, when I could still get domestic shipping. Most of this stuff came from me thinking all this stuff would be cool. Don't get me wrong, it is cool, but it's all gotta go. These are two planes that I haven't seen in Europe before. They are cool because of the clever mechanism they use to hold the blade and keep it square. I couldn't really comment on their function, other than the smoother takes shavings. I tried it once. The jointer is ready to go after a good sharpening, but I've never used it myself.

They were both in a lot worse shape when I got them - especially the smoother. With that one I did a pretty aggressive rehab, so it probably looks a bit shinier. I rehabbed the jointer with a bit more of a gentle approach. It is clean and functional, but I left as much patina as possible. 

Don't let the price scare you, I'm ready to bargain for them. These are cool planes. They came from different sellers, so I am willing to split them up if you don't want both.

Ohio #O7 Jointer - 80 Euros

I'm really proud of the rehab job I did on this one. This one was pretty crusty, but I did a thoughtful, gentle rehab on it returning it to rust and dirt free condition. All of the historical patina is still there.

Along with the horn broken off of the tote.

Regardless, this should be a fine user. The thing that made me fall in love with Ohio planes is the thick tapered blade they came with. Once fettled, these planes are monster workhorses. They are also very comfortable to use.

I'd love to see this plane in the hands of someone who will use the snot out of it. But mostly, I'd love to see it in someone else's shop. One can only use so many jointers.

Ohio #O5 Jack Plane - 65 Euros

Here is another workhorse. I also did my best to do a gentle rehab on this one. No surface rust or dirt, lots of historical patina. This one has the super-thick mongo tapered blade. This will make someone very happy to use every day.

Swedish #3 Sized Plane Blade with Matching Chipbreaker - Cheap

This is some great Swedish steel that will work well in your #3. I don't know what it is, but I love Swedish steel. When I'm asked why, I can only say that it feels better on oilstones, and it gets wicked sharp. It wouldn't break my heart to keep this one.

Hellstedt #3 Swedish Plane with (or without) Veritas PMV-11 Blade - 60 Euros

I bought this plane to raid the EA Berg blade and chipbreaker from to use in my Stanley #3. It turns out this chipbreaker works best in this plane, and since it didn't have a blade, I put the Veritas blade in it. I'm pretty sure I have that blade rolling around, and if you'd prefer it with the original blade (I would), I'll swap that out for this one. 

I also can sell you the PMV-11 blade separately. It looks weird in this plane.

I'll be honest, I've hardly used this plane. My Stanley #3 is awesome, and this is just a spare collecting dust.

The rear tote has been broken in half at some point in it's history. The repair is ugly, but it holds solidly and it feels OK in my hand.

Corrugated sole!

Ohio Transitional Smoother with 2 inch Blade

This plane is in the condition in which I recieved it. I have no idea if it works well or not, but there's no reason it shouldn't. It has a heavy blade and seems to have been used very little. Unfortunately I don't know enough about this plane to post a price, so make a fair offer and it's yours.

Very Old Stanley Blade and Chipbreaker for a Transitional Plane - 15 Euros

This is a beautiful, very old Stanley iron and chipbreaker for a transitional plane. It should still work perfectly for this, but some knucklehead in history thought it would work just fine as a blade for a metal bench plane if he just cut another slot (rather crudely) in a different place. If you have an original chipbreaker it might work, but it might not. This needs to go.

Veritas 2" Chip Breaker for a #4 or #5 plane - 30 Euros

I think this could be one of the best upgrades to your old Stanley plane that you could do.

Old American Drill Index with Many Drill Bits - 3.27 Euros or Less

Check out these pics.

Veritas Scraper Hook Former - 15 Euros

This works great. If you polish the edge of your scraper, this will put a fine hook on it. I used it for a long time until I figured out how to do it without this single use tool.

World's Ugliest #51 Spokeshave

Buy something and I'll throw this in for free. I have no idea what brand it is, and it is missing the main screw. Nonetheless, it deserves a home somewhere other than the dump.

NIB Lee Valley Three-Legged Campaign Stool Hardware - 30 Euros

I actually would like to build one of these someday, and on that day I'll regret having sold this.

Batch #2

As of 3 June 2021

Record Stay Set #04 Smoother - 50 Euros

I'm reluctant to get rid of this one, as I am very curious about this one. I think it could be the best smoother I have had. It's still in generally the same condition in which I received it from eBay UK.
It is a complete Stay Set plane with the matching blade and chip breaker. I've found this to be a huge asset on another Stay Set plane I have. Not because of the convenience of being able to sharpen the blade without unscrewing the chipbreaker, but because of the extra mass of the super thick chip breaker. I think this is a big upgrade to any plane.
It has the desirable flat frog, and there's no pitting or severe rust on any part of it that I can see (although there's not much nickel plating left on the lever cap).
If I kept this one, I would do a light cleaning/derusting, and probably refinish and shellac the tote and front knob.
Feel free to offer a low-ball offer on anything else on this page, but I probably will only take a fair price for this one. 

Millers Falls #2 Eggbeater Hand Drill (Restored) - 100 Euros

I had this rusty, junky #2 eBay find professionally rehabilitated a few years ago, and it is amazing. Although it seems the #2 is standard for most woodworkers, for some reason I find that I prefer a smaller drill, like the #5.
You'll love this drill.

Sadly there are no drill bits in here.

Record #04 Smoother - 25 Euros

Yet another Record. This one is a Frankenstein, but I'm not sure of the extent of it's Frankensteinedness. 
It has a Stay Set chip breaker, which (as far as I know) is the only difference between the body of a Stay Set and a standard plane. It is missing the Stay Set chip breaker. 
It does have a Record blade and a standard chipbreaker. The frog is one of the more modern types with the reliefs lowered in the spots the designers thought weren't critical.
All the parts are here, and with a clean up, this would be a killer user plane. My daily user (the Record #04 I'm going to keep) is a similar vintage with the standard blade, and I'd put it up against any modern plane sold today.
The only warning I'd like to point out is there is some light pitting on the sole. This shouldn't affect it's performance, and it would be easy enough to lap out if you felt like a work out. 


Batch #1

Updated 3 June 2021

Lie Nielsen 1/2" (13mm) Chisel - 35 Euros

Used, but cared for.


Lie Nielsen 1/10" (2.5mm) Mortise Chisel - 50 Euros

Again, used but cared for.

Ohio O6 - 50 Euros

This is a very nice plane that was rehabbed by a previous owner. The incorrect blade was replaced with an Ohio Tools blade and chipbreaker, but it is not as thick as some of the other Ohio blades I have seen. Still, it will be a good user and easy to get running, as most of the hard work is done.

 Corrugated sole.

Supplemental 2 1/4" Blades for Veritas Bevel Up Planes - 30 Euros Each

I bought these when my BU Jack plane was still pretty new. I used them for a while, they are great. One year I decided to use only a few basic tools, and did everything with the standard blade on my jack. I realized that with a sharp blade and some technique, I could get away with that blade. Now I don't use these anymore. There is a toothed blade, a 38 degree high-angle blade, and a 50 degree high angle blade.

Sargent 724 Jointer Plane with Ray Iles Blade - 140 Euros

This is the one that is the same size as a Stanley #8. I love this plane and am not sure I want to get rid of it yet. I only need one jointer, and I also have a Record Stay Set #07 that is amazing.
This plane is a great user. I bought it many years ago on eBay from someone who had rehabbed it. He spray painted the body black, replaced the frog screws with screws that tighten with an allen key and replaced the forward tote screw with a Phillip's head screw. No idea if the tote and front knob are original, but they are in good shape (so they probably aren't).
I have the original blade somewhere (it will be included), but this plane really sings with the replacement Ray Iles blade.

Weird French Tapered Reamer - 2 Euros

This is one of the first reamers I ever bought, and I've never used it. The angle looks too high (to my eye) for chairmaking, but maybe you need it for beer barrels or something.

Spear and Jackson 10" Dovetail Saw - 80 Euros

Most all of the dovetails I've ever cut were with this saw. Again, this one is a duplicate now. I love the shape of the handle. The plate looks shiny and new, because it was when I bought it. Mark Harrell from BadAxe saws replaced the saw plate before I bought it from him. The handle feels amazing in my hand, I love the shape.

German Horned Smoothing Plane

I rescued this plane at a flea market held on the site of Oktoberfest in Munich. I've never used it. Someone maid a very neat repair to the mouth at some point. I suspect the blade isn't original to the plane, it fits a bit tightly (side to side) in the mouth.

J. Kellogg Screw Arm Fillister Plane - 200 Euros

This is an amazing example of an unusual plane that should be put to use in someone's shop. I believe it is beech with boxwood screws and nuts.

Apologies for this: I flattened the sole with a plane, and caused a little superficial tear out in the boxing.

Early Record #04 Smoother - 30 Euros

I had come up with the brilliant idea a year or two ago of fixing up a bunch of vintage #4 sized planes to compare the different manufacturers for a blog post. One of the first planes I did became my daily user which I loved so much that I couldn't bring myself to bother with grinding and sharpening any of the blades on the other #4s. I'm sure this is an awesome plane, everything about it is right: flat frog, Sheffield made blade, perfectly shaped handle and tote, but I've never used it. It's in really good shape, except the cutting edge which looks like crap. A couple minutes grinding and sharpening, and this plane will soon be your favorite, I'm sure. There is a bit of superficial surface rust from having been near the sea in Spain.

Record Stay Set #04 1/2 - 30 Euros

I wouldn't mind holding on to this plane a little longer. I've never had a 4 1/2 before, and I would be interested to see if I like it. In reality, my tool chest is full and I need to make room.
The chipbreaker is what makes a Stay Set plane unique and amazing. It's a two piece chipbreaker, and the forward part of it slips off allowing you to sharpen it without adjusting it, so theoretically you can get back to work faster. In reality, it only takes a second to adjust a chipbreaker, but the extra mass on this chipbreaker is much more solid and heavy. 
Note that there is a flaw in the casting of this plane on the sole. I think it probably has no effect on the performance of the plane, but it is ugly and it's there. I think it's curious that it made it past Record's quality control.

Marples #4 Smoothing Plane Basket Case - 10 Euros

This plane was relatively hard for me to find on British eBay. For some reason (probably collectors), the prices on these are rather high. The only one I felt comfortable buying was this one, which has a rather crude repair to a broken frog. All the parts are there, but the frog needs a good bit of lapping in order to make it flat. Then I imagine this would be a fine user. All the parts are there (I think).

Benchcrafted Planing Stop - 20 Euros

When I left Spain I gave away my sawbenches to a lady who desperately wanted them for her garden. I removed the planing stop I had on one, but I couldn't find the allen key to remove it from this block of wood.

Draper Micrometer - 15 Euros

I bought this in a pawn shop in my hometown long before I got into woodworking. It hasn't been used as long as I've owned it.

E. Garlick & Son "Dovetail Saw" - 5 Euros

When I first learned to make dovetails by hand, I bought this saw, as it is the only one I could find that said it was for dovetails. It turns out it sucks. I think the teeth are filed crosscut, and the handle is too big and bulky. I've kept it around because it was expensive and I always intended to make a new handle for it and re-cut the teeth.

Veritas Scraping Plane Insert - NIB - 5 Euros

No idea if this thing works or not, I never really had the need for it. It's technically a good idea, it can make any #4 or #5 plane into a scraper plane. For some reason I bought this years before I actually got a #4 or #5 plane to put it in.

Beall Tool Co. - The Hinge Wizard - 5 Euros

This is a router template made to fit Beall quadrant hinges. Never used, I bought it when I first started because I couldn't figure out how to cut the mortises for the hinges accurately by hand.

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