Gallery - as of 8 Sep 2018

This page is a gallery of my favorite completed projects.  I have started embedding links in the photos' descriptions to the original posts (or at least the final original posts) for each project.

Staked console table - zebrano (zebra wood) and black walnut - 2018

Japanese tool box - laminated scots pine - July 2018

Three handed traditional collapsible cribbage board - recycled dumpster wood (likely sapele) - July 2018

Re-handled Sorsakoski chisel - European ash - May 2018

Re-handled E.A. Berg chisels - brown oak and ebony - May 2018

Double length two handed cribbage board - yellow birch - May 2018

Royal Game of Ur board - recycled mahogany - May 2018

Winding sticks - sycamore, goncalo alves and bamboo - January 2018

Six board chest - white cedar - December 2017
Nailed cabinet - scotts pine - May 2017
Small Spokeshave - sycamore - Lee Valley kit - May 2017
Shop apron - #8 duck canvas - April 2017

Panel gauge - pear, sycamore and oak - April 2017
Wall shelf - pine and black wattle - January 2017

Dutch Tool Chest - yellow milk paint. December 2016
Tool Chest innards.
White Safari Chair in elm. DCBE 2016
Staked saw benches in elm and ash. DCBE 2016
Rebuild of pear chair in spalted sycamore. DCBE 2016

School box - laminated scots pine - October 2016

Ebony marking knife with Hock blade - May 2016
Mid-century coffee table - oak and ash - permanently in-progress

Re-handle of a giant mortise chisel
Shaker side table in cherry, scots pine, and ash.
Lathe-less Roorkee in charred ash.
Staked Desk in oak and ash.
Welsh stick side chair in elm and fumed oak.
French style moulding planes in cherry.
Cribbage board in cherry with maple and ebony accents.
Welsh stick chair in elm and ash.  aka:  The Viking Throne.
Nailed vitrine, painted laminated spruce and bronzed glass.
Coffee and Cream Roorkee.  Hair-on cowhide and wenge.
Walnut dining table.
Nailed traveling toolbox based on Richard Maguire's design in paulownia.
Wierix square in oak.
Chinese cross in maple
Roorkee chair in diamond willow and oak.
This chair I built with my Dad.
Cribbage boards - walnut and pear.
Roorkee chair in pear with black leather and stainless steel hardware.
Stoolerable.  Scots pine and beech.
A vintage panel gauge next to my interperetation. (I know I have a clearer picture somewhere!)
Bathroom shelf.  Laminated beech.
A pair of oak bench hooks.
Bowsaw built at Dictum in a Christopher Schwarz class.  Elm and boxwood.
Experimenting with a mortice gauge.  Oak and walnut.
A pair of Diagonal Chinese Cross puzzles.  Cherry and walnut.
Nailed six-board chest in paulownia.
Laminated jointer plane.  Maple and mahogany.
The Schwiegereltern table.  Oak.
Another view of the in-law's table.
French Bench built at Dictum in a Christopher Schwarz class.  Oak and scots pine.
Modern Himmelbett in spruce and scots pine.


  1. Beautiful work.
    you are a gifted craftsman.
    thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, M Walton, I truly do appreciate your comment.

  2. Brian I love the work that you do. Excellent!

  3. Impressive and marvelous work you do! I am still at Beginner level, but wish to know more about your projects and technics. I’ll be following closer! Congratulations!

  4. Wow, Brian, you built so many nice things since we met at the Dictum bench class with Chris. I am really really jealous :-)

    Will follow you work closely. 'Hope it's helping me get going ...

    Kind regards and take care,


  5. I love the whole kit'n kaboodle! Especially the roorkie chairs. And the other chairs, too!