Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wall Shelf Build Off - Part VII - Final - Or Is It?

Sunday turned out to be very busy for me in the shop. So busy, that I found it too difficult to keep up with my progress here. I did, however, post a few pics on Instagram.

I finished the shelf, but did not yet finish the drawers that were supposed to be an integral part of the design. It looks a little funny with that one strip of dark wood on the divider. That's because that is the same wood that will be the two drawer fronts. Maybe I can get them in over the next few days. In the meantime, I'll submit this shelf as it was Sunday night when I completed it.

Here are some pics of what I did on Sunday after my last post.
I have an idea for the divider that requires stopped dadoes. It's only a little more complicated than through dadoes.
No router? No problem.
Except this part. This part was a little harder.
Not perfect, but this will suit just fine.
All parts for the carcase are done.
I wanted to pre-finish the parts, so before glue-up I burnished all of the pieces,
And applied a home-made soap finish.
This was actually the only parts I glued. Everything else is only nails.
First I lay out the nail holes. I learned the hard way that pencil lines are hard to get off after nailing.
Drill pilot holes with a tapered drill bit.
Insert the nails,
and drive them home.
I had a hard time figuring out how to lay out the nails for the cross-piece. The top of my shelf is angled, so measuring wasn't simple. And, I wanted to leave too many pencil marks off of the finished side. My solution? Lay out from the inside of the joint.
I marked where I wanted the nail holes, then drilled with the tapered bit just until...
It starts to poke out the other side. Then...
Put the joint together and drill the entire pilot hole.
Everything is together surprisingly well!
Now it's time for the back. I cut three pieces to length.
Then I used my self-made ship lap plane. This thing is coming in way more useful than I ever thought it would.
Once the ship laps are done, lay out the pilot holes and drill.
Nailed it!
All that is left is to trim the top pieces. I used a jack plane and a flat bottomed spokeshave.
Finished! At least, as finished as it will get for this Build-Off.
The last step I took on Monday morning was to photograph my masterpiece in the sunlight. If it isn't the best shelf ever seen, at least it will be photographed in a spectacular location!
It involved a hike.
But the view is great!
Make sure you go over to Flair Woodworks and vote for your favorite shelf builds from last weekend!


  1. Very nice work Brian! It would make a perfect shelf for a shop or a living room.

    1. Thanks, Bill!

      I think you are right. I wouldn't have thought to make it had it not been for the build off. Did you make something?

    2. Unfortunately no, though I should have. I've been slowly making a cabinet for my garage that is taking way too long (every time I get going the temperature drops). The truth is that I could probably use a nice shelf more than the cabinet, but I'm already invested.

    3. Sometimes a quick and dirty two day project is just the thing to get momentum going again.

  2. Hi Brian...
    Until now I only hated Greg now I hate you too....
    Some how my 'manager/frau' got your instagram feed as well and she use it against me...
    Look what he done... so cute those hearts... blá, blá, blá

    I must restring her internet privileges!

    1. Hahaha!

      Thank her for me, she made my day!

    2. As the famous Canadian, Red Green, said, "a wife's decisions aren't just final, they're relentless!"
      Great shelf, Brian, even pre-drawers. The scenic pics are awesome - just saw the ones on Chris Wong's site, too.

    3. Thanks, Jeff! That's a great quote.

  3. I enjoyed following your shelf build it looks great and can't wait to see it even more finished with the drawers.

    1. Even more finished. Perfect, I'll remember that!

  4. Never knew it was so complicated and so much work and detail. Good job!

    1. Thanks, Mom! I make it look harder than it is.