Sunday, January 21, 2018

Winding Sticks Epilogue - Fixing a Screw Up: Part II - Fixed

Yesterday I realized that I really can't be happy with a giant gap in one of the inserts for my pair of winding sticks. I decided to fix it. I'm happy with the results:
I left the new insert clamped up overnight. Today I removed the clamps to inspect my handywork.
This looks more promising.
I left the two winding sticks in direct sunlight this morning for 1/2 hour or so to see if it would darken up a bit.

After I got back from doing my things this morning, I shaved the insert flush with the winding stick.
I'm pleased with this.
It's not perfect, but it is much better.

On went some of my special home-made BLO, and I am in business. This linseed oil is phenomenal. The best I've yet used. I'll definitely have to make some more.
Very nice BLO.
After all was done, I noticed the mystery wood that was in the sun was already remarkably darker than the new one.
Above with a suntan, below without.
Over time I expect the orange wood will turn a nice, rich color of deep brown. It should work great.
Here it is.
In case you wondered what to do with these sticks, they are for measuring twist in a board you are planing.
In use.
Notice that I just set them on the stick I am planing (using the center dots to help balance them there faster). Then it is just a matter of lining your eye up to see if the outer parts line up like in this video:
They exaggerate the twist in the board to let you know where you should focus planing in order to make the board truly flat. This stick I am testing is a real-world example, and the exact reason I felt I needed these winding sticks. Now I know where to plane to get it flat.

If you would like to read the post about the construction of these winding sticks, click here. Next up: more work on the brown oak Shaker side table.


  1. Isn't it amazing how a 32nd or a 64th of an inch difference can make us happy or sad? I go through the same thing myself. Sincerely, Joe.

    1. Hey, Joe! It’s absolutely true. At least I left myself an opportunity for a do-over!

  2. Hi Brian
    The winding sticks are looking great.
    I can see from the colour of the linseed oil, has changed dramatically compared to your starting point with raw linseed oil.
    It seems as that project has definitely been a success.

    1. Thanks, Jonas! Yes, I'm pleased with the winding sticks, and yes, the BLO project is a resounding success. It is really nice to work with. No unpleasant odors, and I know what's in it - just linseed oil. Pulling the fat out of it really does change the look, and I let it cure in the sun for a while. Eventually, it should get clear, but I don't want to (or need to) get it to that point.

      I'm thinking of ordering some more quality linseed oil to get another batch started.