Sunday, July 24, 2016

Alicante, Spain!

It is true I have been quiet here and on other social media lately. Also, sadly I have been doing very little woodwork.

My chair is still in the same state as last posted: waiting to really be started.

There is a good reason, though, and that is the Frau got a new job in Alicante, Spain, and we will soon be moving there. We will keep our place in Munich, as she will come back to her old job in two to six years.

Alicante 2008
Photo courtesy ND Strupler.

Neither of us are currently completely satisfied with our professional situations, and we decided to make this change together.

For the past few weeks we have been organizing the move. I will end my career with the US Army after 19 years either active duty or Army civilian. I will miss it.

It is worth it, though.  One gets to travel through this life only once.

We have an apartment there already. Unfortunately, the Frau got to pick it out without me, so it doesn't sound like I will have all of the luxurious space for a woodshop that I currently enjoy. It will be interesting to see what kind of woodworking I will be able to do. It might just wind up to be spoon carving on a park bench.

But, that is OK. I will still have my shop in Munich that I will come back to. I will get to practice minimalist woodworking, and learn to be thankful for the space that I have. And, I bet I'll learn something.

Keep an eye out on this blog and on Instagram for news of our exciting adventure, and to see what kind of woodworking I'll get up to (although I predict it will be a bit slow for a couple months).

My apologies for abandoning my June Chair Build. Well, it's not so much abandoning, but postponing. Or, perhaps I could look at it as having started next year's June chair early!

If you are still working on your June chair, or by some miracle have finished it already, make sure to send me a note and a photo and I'll put it up! God knows, I'll need some material!