Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stool Build - 4:00

Time to see if Moby Dick works.

Moby Dick is formerly a home-made scrub plane I re-shaped into a compass plane for hollowing the seat.

I'm not counting this as a new tool since I spent no money to convert it.

I laid out the part of the seat to be shaped by sitting on it, and tracing around my bottom.  I then used a compass to even out my markings a bit. 

Will Moby Dick work?
Eventually, I decided this was a little uncomfortable and hollowed some following sitting on it to test the fit.  I found the most comfort by hollowing it out past the back.  It should still stand upside down easy, as the sides are still in a flat plane - I did not touch them with Moby Dick.
Seems to work great across the grain.

Clean up with a scraper.

Next up:  Fine tuning the seat.

View the rest of my build here.

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