Friday, September 28, 2018

Danish Chair Building Extravaganza III - Day Four

It was a good day yesterday, not too many do-overs due to not paying attention today. I did re-do the stretchers I made, but only because I couldn't quite figure out the best way to do them.

Overall, I got lots done: steam bending, stretchers made and mounted, and the seat bowl carved.

Another couple of weeks of this and I'll be done. Too bad I fly on Sunday.

Ty had the brilliant idea of using a plastic bag as a steam box, as the pipe Jonas used for his bending wasn't wide enough for my crest rail.
Just a plastic bag full of steam.

Close up. I tied it shut loosely with a string and poked some pinholes for the water to drain.

It seems to have worked.
There is a crack in the back of the crest, but I think I can fix it with glue.
Octagonal stretchers with a tenon shaped on the dowel plates.

Drilling contraption #1. It works, but is complicated and it would be easy for something to go wrong.

Drilling contraption #2, this worked perfectly and was a bit safer.

Rough crest rail out of the bending form.

Here's what woodworking blogging looks like.

Stretchers glued up, they fit.
Next it was time to move on to hollowing the seat.
Adzing out the rough stuff.
I wasn't able to bring my scorp along this time. I was bummed because it works well as the medium tool after the adze does the roughing. I was leery to use my travisher, a fine tool, right after the adze, but I was surprised that it worked just fine.
Travishing across the grain to remove the adze marks.
Jonas feels like he is behind, but really he is doing amazing things. He decded to turn simple legs, and made a template for his pattern-copying attachment for his lathe. That thing works great, and gave him four identical legs in no time.
Jonas and his pattern copier.

Four identical legs.
Olav's shavehorse is making progress. I had to laugh watching him drill a 2" hole with a cordless drill. Somehow it worked.
Ty's chair is going to be freaking cool.
Day five will hopefully result in a finished seat blank, some rockers made, and perhaps some start on mounting the crest and making the spindles.


  1. Enjoying the running commentary, thanks for all the pics and updates. Everyone's work is looking great.