Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Diamond Willow Roorkee - Part IV: Dad's Experience

Brian and Phil with the finished chair
Look at the above picture & you'll see  that  Brian has solved problem of where to drill the holes on crooked sticks with the diamond indentations and perfect fitting of the braces - and then  centered holes  and which stick went where - his explanations left me saying uh-huh  quite a  bit--  I call  the finished  chair   BRIANS CHAIR as I was the assistant and the confused helper--however I may get  some materials together to try one of my own since I have the pattern gracing the living room. 
I may have to slim down some in order to get out of the seat.


  1. Great build!
    Using a welding table for woodworking is a sign of dedication to do whatever is necessary to get a task done.

  2. Hi Jonas,

    The welding table really worked well for us. It was a convenient height for what we did, and the second person made a good clamp.

  3. Hi Phil, whenever I work with Brian (house renovations) or play the trombone with him I also find myself saying "Uh huh" and am very glad for his direction and teaching!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts in Toolerable!

  4. Can't wait to see that chair in person!

  5. Brian, this was an awesome build! So glad you and your Dad had this opportunity to build something together. My Dad moved back 3 years ago and I have really cherished all the time we've had together since then. Kudos to your adaptability!

  6. Go for it Dad! There is always Skype if you need to ask Brian a question b the prject will get you out of other duties such as dishes and vacuuming! Oh I hope mom doesn"t see this! Anyway I LOVE it. KAREN