Wednesday, April 2, 2014

5/8" Tapered Tenon Cutter

One would think that it seems a bit late, now.  I've built my chair already.

Today, I received in the mail a Veritas 5/8" tapered tenon cutter.  Where did I get it, you ask?  The Lee Valley website says they are out until November.  I was going to order a smaller one, but that one was out, too.

What did I do?  I ordered a 1/2" one from Dictum, because they didn't have the big one.  Before it arrived, I borrowed one, finished the project and cancelled my special order.

Now, however, it appears I will be making another Roorkee (hopefully more).  And, I need one.  Rather than settle for something too small, I checked around on the internet some.  No luck at most of my tool porn distributors.

I did have some luck at Dieter Schmid's Fine Tools.  Besides some guy in the UK who is asking twice what Lee Valley wants, it is the only place I have been able to find one.

Lucky for me I live in Germany.

I ordered mine two days ago and it arrived today.  If you can't wait until November, you might want to check out Fine Tools, I know he ships about anywhere.

UPDATE 8 April 2014:  I saw today on Lee Valley's website these are in stock and available to order again.

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