Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The finished workbench

With the last obstacles out of the way, I managed to finish the workbench.

Installing the wagon vise was actually easier than anticipated.
I applied some wipe on finish for the top and the sliding deadman. Maybe I'll manage to remove the old workbench tomorrow, and move this one to its position.

I drilled some 30 mm holes for dogs in the top. The throw of the vise is 12 cm, and the holes are spaced 8 cm apart. In the far end of the bench, I couldn't make the holes, as they would coincide with the leg of the workbench. Therefore there are 3 holes missing.
The holes in the deadman are 3/4".

The next part of this project is to turn some dogs to fit in the holes.


  1. Very nice looking and functional bench. Great job!

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  3. nice work man,
    Whats next on the list?

    1. Thanks for the nice comment.
      Next I need to make some dogs for the holes, and the next project is to clear out in the worshop, and probabbly finish some projects.
      I started a modular marble machine some time ago, and my children would like to see it finished.
      Brgds Jonas

  4. Wow! Sweet bench. Roubo with shoulder vice. very unique.