Sunday, February 10, 2013

Awesome Swiss Woodworking Video

Joshua Clark from Hyperkitten found a cool woodworking video and shared it with the folks on the Old Tools List.  I thought it interesting enough to re-post here.

I just finished watching it, and was very impressed.  Some really cool tools being used (and made).

It appears this video was made in the 1970s.  I don't understand much, as nothing in spoken in English.  But, after music, perhaps woodworking is the next-best universal language. 

Maybe a translation will present itself on the Porch soon.



  1. I'm going to repost this! Thanks for sharin'!

    1. Great! Repost my repost. I gues that's a re-repost.

  2. Nice! Too bad they didn't show using those saws. Interesting that one style is a fixed blade rather than a turning blade. I have one with turning handles and screw tensioner (rather than cord) that I haven't been able to keep the blade from turning in use. You can tell from his gestures he makes some comment about the screw tensioner type; since he's making a cord tensioner, I assume he prefers that.