Friday, December 25, 2015

Constructing the Satan Santa Pope Chair - Part III - Legs Continued

See the first in this series HERE.

I decided the octagonal look was a bit too angular.  In hindsight, it probably would have looked fine with the finish I chose, but this way looks great, too.

First, a few more details on how I carved these legs. I used the drawknife to rough out the shape, then refined and smoothed it with a spokeshave.  This worked great, except for the little bit that a spokeshave couldn't reach by the foot. This has to be cleaned up with a sharp chisel.

Cleaning up the bit by the foot with a chisel.
I also always make extensive use of a story stick when making Roorkies. This really helps in ensuring all the multiple parts turn out the same. Here I have marked out where I want the top of the next cut to go. I made the choice to turn the octagon in to a sixteenth-agon.
This story stick tells me where everything on this chair has to go. I have marked the following: the feet, where the various tapers start, and where all of the holes for the stretchers should be bored.
I did most of the sixteenth-agonalizing with a spokeshave. There really wasn't much more wood to come off by this point.
And cleaning up the bit by the foot with a chisel again.
And here is the result. It makes for a much less angular look, but the facets still proclaim they are hand carved rather than turned. I chose to leave the feet octagonal.
Now the legs are finished! Or are they?

Next up, shaping the stretchers!

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