Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's Good to be a Woodworker

A lame project, but nonetheless, I felt morally obligated to put my own stamp on it.

We got a new flat screen TV a while back, a small one.  It replaced an old CRT that we were using in our living room to watch over breakfast.

The idea was that it would be really cool if we could put it on a fully articulated arm, in order that in can be pushed back in it's cubby under the stairs easily when not in use.

When the mount arrived in the mail it was obvious that it wouldn't fit our little Sony.  For some reason TV mounts are made standard for nearly all TVs except Sony.  I don't know why, but Sony doesn't participate in VESA, which is a standard for mounting TVs.

The guy at the TV store said I had to get an adapter.

Why spend any more money, when I am a woodworker?

Here's what I came up with .  I just used regular old locally available pine, Pinus sylvestris, and painted it white.

My creation attached to the mount waiting for the TV.

TV in place, view from the back.

Put away under the stairs.
Now all I need to do is build a nice looking something or another to hide the cables!


  1. Very cool & practical project. I've done similarly in my past two homes. Though my adapters have fit between the TV mount and the wall, in order to catch more than one stud.

    1. Thanks, Dyami. Luckily, this was mounted on a brick wall. That seems to be a more common construction material here in Germany that the normal studs and sheetrock you'd see in the states.

  2. Nice solution. I love seeing folks apply their skills for practical purposes.



  3. Brian, Your TV mount looks great. Nice little dovetail cut out on the bottom.

    1. Thanks, John. That little detail was wholly unnecessary, which is why I did it.