Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More Mora

One of the neatest things about living in Europe is meeting woodworkers and friends from many different places.  Take, for example, Jonas from Denmark, who recently sent me a box full of his dad's slöjd knives.

Another such example would have to be my Swedish friend, Bengt who sent me the following email about the aforementioned slöjd knives:

Hi Brian!

I tried to add a comment to your blog today, but I'm not sure where it ended up.
Anyway, did a little research on you knives today. This is my best guess:

  • #1 Erik Frost Mora Sweden.
This stamp is used in the nineteen-thirties. Frost is one of the major makers; the company was started by Erik Frost in 1891. The word “Sweden” was added to knives from Mora in the thirties when the export was picking up.
  • #2 Bröderna Jönsson Mora Sweden.  
The brothers Jönsson started their knife making business in 1936, using this logo.
  • #3 KJ Mora Sweden.  
KJ Eriksson (Krång-Johan Eriksson), started knife making in 1912. This logo was used from probably 1940-1950 The sheath is maybe little older and not original.
  • #4 Frost probably from the sixties or seventies.
Common as dirt around here :)
  • #5 As #3
Take care,


Thanks for the info, Bengt!  I really like learning the history and ages of old tools.  These knives I knew nothing about until recently, and really am beginning to enjoy them.

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