Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Crosscut Saws

A couple years ago, I bought a couple saw filing kits from the guys at vintagesaws.com. Saw filing kits from this site are great.  You get to pick out whatever vintage saw you want, have the teeth shaped however you want them, and they throw in the correct saw file.

I wound up with two pretty cool saws.  A mid 20th century Diston D7, and a really cool old, old saw with split nuts that is of an unknown maker.  

I really like the handle of the old saw, it fits my three finger grip perfectly.  The D7, not so much.  I'm thinking of making a matching saw handle for the D7, and sprucing up the old unknown saw.

Here they are, enjoy.


  1. The old saw handles have such a grace and presence that new saw handles sorely lack.

    1. It's weird, but there really aren't that many differences. Just a few process that make the handle easier to mass produce, and the charm is gone.