Monday, May 27, 2013

For Sale: Stanley 48 - SOLD

I am getting comfortable with my tools.

I pretty much am happy with the tools that are in my tool chest.  My shop is just way too small to properly store tools that I don't really need.

This tool falls in that category, at least for me.

This actually was one of the very first planes that I acquired.  An online auction purchase.

The plane works great.  I compensated for some slop in the fence with a couple of washers.  When you pull the knob to turn the fence, they come out and need to be replaced when the fence turns.  This seems to work well, keeping the fence from jiggling when in use.

There also are aftermarket blades on this one.  I don't remember where the originals are.  If I find them, I'll throw them in.  The blades that are on it worked well when I last used this plane, in 2005.  There also is another blade (shown, still in wrapper) that allows one to use this plane to do T&Gs in 2x4 inch stock.

This old user needs a home where it will be used.  I use this plane too infrequently to justify keeping it in my chest.

$15 US plus shipping.

I have the advantage of being able to ship domestically in Germany, and also the US via USPS Priority mail.

Just send a note to my email address at the bottom of this post.