Tuesday, May 28, 2013

For Sale: Double 07s (Millers Falls) UPDATE: on eBay

Update:  These items are now on an eBay auction.  Click HERE.

I don't know why, but I have a thing for Millers Falls block planes.  My first block plane was an MF, and I've just rolled with it.  

Once upon a time, I thought I wouldn't be able to do good work without something like a Stanley 140, which this is an awful lot like.  Essentially, it is a skew angled block plane.  One wall of the body is removable making it a rabbet plane.  Lie Nielsen makes one similar, too.  Although that one has fences.

I wen't crazy on eBay, and after winning two, I have yet to use either of these.

It's not like they aren't what they are supposed to be, it's just that I never bothered to sharpen the blades, and every time I could have used one, I made due with my standard block plane.

Thus, they have to go.

They both have the potential to be nice users, although one looks shinier than the other.

They must have been made at different times, because the bodies are ever so different.

The less shiny one.

The more shiny one.

The less shiny one has this weird front knob with a crack.  No idea if this is original or not.  I suspect not.

At the time I was into aftermarket blades for everything.  This is a nice one, but the angle is wrong.  Regrinding will  be necessary to make it fit one of these.

$20 for the IBC blade and $70 for each plane, plus shipping.  Buy both planes and I'll throw the IBC blade in for free!  The first email to my addy gets it.  As always, domestic shipping to either Germany or the US, but I'll ship anywhere.

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