Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Second Bi-Annual Danish Chair Building Extravaganza.

That's a fancy name for the fact that I'm going back up to Denmark to build chairs with Jonas again. The last time we did it was at the end of August 2014.
The Mulesaw house with a couple of the young 'uns running around.
The pictures I have from last time are brilliant, because the weather was so nice. I have a feeling I won't be wearing shorts and short sleeves like I am here in Spain as I write this.

It should be a great time. Hopefully at least as good as last time, which was an amazing experience. Jonas has two lumber mills in his shop, and woodworking using as much wood in whatever dimensions you want is not something that most people get to experience.

This time we have some celebrity attendees. Alex the Austrian will be joining us. He teaches woodworking in Austria. I first met him and Jonas both when we all were in Christopher Schwarz's first ever ATC class at Dictum back in 2011.
Brian, Jonas, and Alex, along with Jonas' son Asger at Dictum last winter.
The other celebrity we are expecting for a couple of the days is Pedder, from Two Lawyers Toolworks and the Old Ladies blog.
Me, Pedder and Alex earlier this year.
Pedder is world renown for the beautiful saws that he and his business partner, Klaus, produce. Astonishingly, Pedder admitted this will be his first actual piece of furniture that he will build. I suppose one might as well start with a Windsor chair in the shape of a bar stool.

Finally, we are expecting our special guest superstar celebrity, Olav the Magnificent.
Jonas and Olav.
At least I hope he makes it. He is in France at the moment and might not make it back in time. I look forward to seeing him again. I learned a lot from him last time I was there.

Jonas' place is perfect for Widnsor chair making. He has access to huge elm logs that are perfect chair seat blanks. With that in mind, Jonas, Alex and I have decided to build Roorkees instead.
Two of my Roorkee chairs.
I know, it doesn't really make sense, but they are fun projects, and both Alex and Jonas haven't built one before. I ordered some leather, and will bring my leather tools with me.

Alex has a nice burgundy side of Latigo leather and wants a pair of chairs. Jonas has a beautiful chestnut colored double shoulder, and I have a buttload of black, alligator skin pattered leather. And I need to fix my black chair in the above photo.
Jonas with his mom and dad. I hope to see them, too!
I've long thought that a Roorkee chair is a good two day project. I'm hoping so, because I also want to build a pair of staked sawbenches like the one in the Anarchist's Design Book and ship them to my workspace in Spain. A pair of those should make my woodworking life about 9000% easier.
Lots of fun was had last time.
Previous to the last time I went, I posted a bunch of thoughts about Welsh stick chairs (like this one), because that's what we all built. This time I haven't done that, because I've had other things going on, but I have been looking forward to this trip for a long time.
Bent. He likes apples.
I should probably start fasting from now, as the Danes tend to eat like Hobbits. It seems they know everything about second breakfast, elevensies, etc.
Some elm logs out back. The big one is a monster.
Keep an eye on this space, the Mulesaw blog, and I suspect Pedder's blog for news of what's happening next week. I should also have some pics up on Instagram. It should be a good time. If you are lucky, I will try to get a video of Jonas' dad telling his story about how he acquired the original Milkman's Workbench.  :o)


  1. Brian,

    Say hello to everyone for me, and I am looking forward to reading about your adventures on the blogs!


    1. Hey, Chris!

      Will do.

      I hope I can get that story from Jens for you. You haven't heard it!

  2. I am looking so much forward to it.
    My mom and dad just called this morning that they plan on coming to visit us all on Tuesday.


  3. Sound like a fun time, enjoy each other company!

    Bob and Rudy

  4. Have fun Brian! I know you always do. Can't wait to hear all about it.

    1. It will be a blast. Who gets to go to Denmark for woodworking?

  5. Looks like an awesome time. I hope you guys have a lot of fun.