Thursday, October 27, 2016

DCBE Day 3

Today started very productive. That is, until I relied on the layout I did last night at midnight. It's a lucky thing there's lots of wood here.

Olav arrived this afternoon. We had a nice visit. He hasn't mad plans on what he wants to make, yet. He might just do some leatherwork, as he needs a holster for a big chisel.

Jonas started working some leather today, and seems to like the edge trimming tool, which he re-named the "Edge Nicer." We also tested out his geometry press, and may use that somewhere on a chair.

Yesterday we borrowed an original Klint safari chair. There are a lot of neat details that I didn't know about before.


  1. "Geometry press." Good grief. I spent the last five minutes trying to figure out what I meant by that. Fricking Autospell - it should be "Grommet press."

    1. I was wondering about what a geometry press was, because I didn't know I had one.