Sunday, December 3, 2017

Six Board Chest On the Go - Part I - Concept

I am the youngest of seven children. Five girls, and two boys. Ever since I can remember, we have given each other Christmas gifts on a rotating schedule. That way. I only have to buy for one of my siblings or my parents, rather than come up with something for them all.

For the last few years, I have been making things for them. So far, I have given three Roorkee chairs to three of my siblings. This makes a great gift that can be mailed to the states from Europe with relative ease.

This year is different.

I’ve been a bit preoccupied starting my new career as an English teacher, and haven’t really gotten started with this year’s Roorkee before I leave today to visit her.

Instead, I will build her a proper six board chest while I am there. It’s the perfect project for having limited time and a limited tool kit.

I have no idea what kind of wood I’ll find, and I have no idea what I will use as a workspace. No problem.

I’ll get some wood when I’m there for this project. I have ordered some milk paint, and some brad finish nails that will hopefully be delivered in time. The other thing that will be delivered is a fine old Sargent plane that is the size of a #5 that I found on Facebook. I plan to use it for this project and give it away to a family member.

I packed my trusty Dicksaw (ryoba), a marking gauge, and an iron and chip breaker from my #4 that I know will take little time to sharpen. Who knows what kind of work the one on the Sargent will need. I also brought a tapered drill bit and my leather strop which will need replacing soon. For hardware I brought a hand full of Roman nails and four Spanish brass butt hinges.

I plan to use an electric drill, if I can find one at my sister’s, and I am hoping she also has a hammer.

I will purchase at the Borg a ½” chisel, and sandpaper for sharpening, and some screws for the hinges.

It is less than a modest tool kit, but I plan on making this a “no compromises” build regardless. It also needs to be done in minimal time, and it should be painted and topped with a coat of BLO before I have to board a plane to return ten days later.

Oh, and my folks along with at least four of us siblings will be there, so the project shouldn’t get in the way of my family gathering.


Perhaps I can get some of my siblings to post a guest authored post or two about this build. It should be fun!
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  1. Logger on an iPad sucks. The photo is of my brother and five sisters shortly before I was born.

  2. This will be an epic build to follow!
    Merry Christmas and have a happy holiday.

    1. Thanks. It’s entirely possible my schedule has already been booked, but just maybe....

  3. Great idea, Brian. And as you give / leave behind tools, in a few years you won't have to bring any with you.

    My Dad only had 2 older sisters (no brothers) and he said there was one thing they made sure he knew how to do: wash dishes. Hard to imagine how much "supervision" you must have had!

  4. I look forward to seeing this happen. I see a trend, Brian has tiny shop. Brian downsizes to move to Spain. Brian reduces kit further for traveling kit. I pretty sure soon you are going to be making highboys with a pocketknife.

    Also I agree 1000% blogger totally stinks on mobile iOS devices.

    1. Brian will end up like some woodworking 007 agent, everywhere he goes he can open a small cabinet and: Voila a complete tool kit emerges, he completes a project and vanished before anyone catches him! (and forces him to do the dishes)

    2. This would be the best theme ever for a woodworking blog!

      Brian needs a pen, that turns into a saw, and maybe a tie lined with sandpaper. Shoes that are actually planes. Endless possibilities.

      He could even carve that highboy while falling from a plane :-O

    3. I finally have a laptop to use, so I can comment. I appreaciate that you all have such a high opinion of my abilities!

  5. Remembering the two-day stool build, Ethan grabs a bowl of popcorn and a (finished) stool to watch the six board chest build unfold...

    1. Well, we'll just have to see. There is some merit in your words.

  6. That should be fun, unfortunately, I'm affraid in December, CHristmas still falls on same day year after year, unlike in June... :-)
    Enjoy your time with your siblings and have fun