Tuesday, June 6, 2017

3rd Annual June Chair Build - II

We have our first finished chair! Jeremy of JMAW Toolworks did this:

Greg is cruising along on his chairs, and has them staked up already. He's just adding the finishing touches.

I better get moving! I have four legs tapered and four-squared, another four I'm well on my way.
Four legs are ready to be octagonalized.
This takes forever because I'm doing it all by hand, and I'm trying to be as unnecessarily accurate as possible.
Nice, thick shavings with my BU Jack.
There's still plenty of time left in June if you haven't started your chair yet.


  1. Now that's a bit of a stretch for a chair build. LOL. Pretty cool stool though!

    The legs are looking good. I'm looking forward to seeing how you tackle the construction. Those really are some hefty shavings! Very nice.

    1. Luckily, pine is easy to make thick shavings with. I hope it holds up. There are a couple of legs that I couldn't avoid material with knots. This should be a good strength test. Maybe I'll let the Frau sit in that one first.

  2. I hope you know it was a bit of a razz especially given my performance last year. I do hope to get at least one if not two more actual chairs in during June (ok they are identical) and while these will not be fine woodworking, I'm hoping the will set me firmly in the chairmaking mindset and then be able to make the one I designed last year, another one I've designed since, plus the 6 backed barstools I've had percolating... oh then I sat in a roorkie for the first time at handworks, so toss one of them on to make an even dozen... June is going to be a long month again I think.

    1. That shouldn't take long. What are you going to do for the second half of June? 😀