Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Olav's Flag Pole

I was very happy today when I opened my email and there was a note in there from Olav the Great. I met him while visiting Jonas for the Danish Chair Building Extravaganza two years ago. He is an amazing craftsman - a German cabinetmaker who has lived in Denmark for some time.

Hej Brian,

it’s a long time ago …
but now I have to say: Congratulations to your chair. THe CHair, our chair.
Because I wanted to write you I recently visited your blog just to affirm that you are a man with many faces and curiosities.
After you didn’t show up last year, only because you was busy to travel to Japan or Alaska or such a place at the world’s other side and after a rough storm last winter, I had to remember you. As a matter of fact our flagpole became dismasted in this storm and that is a harsh thing in Denmark. To manufacture a new one I needed a five to five inch timber, 30 feet in length and - what do you think? - a new square- to-eight-side-gauge. To make a long pole short/ thin I took some pictures:

                                          Yours sincerely

I am amazed with this piece. I couldn't imagine making an angled 30 foot cut with a circular saw.

Thanks for the note, Olav!  I hope to see you soon.

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