Saturday, March 28, 2015

Filling the House with My Furniture

The apartment finally is starting to fill up.
Let's face it.  We, as hobby woodworkers, aren't the most efficient group of workers on the planet.  If you are like me, your "to-do" list adds line items much faster than they come off.

The Frau and I bought this holiday apartment three or four years ago, and I decided I was going to fill it with furniture I built myself.  I finally feel like I turned the corner and now am on the downhill side of that goal.  We still have a few empty spaces here, and there are still a few "temporary" pieces needing replacement, but now I no longer feel totally underwater with projects.
My contemporary Himmelbett.
I now have a bed, a six board chest, a Roorkee chair, a dining table, a dining chair, and a vitrine that I built myself.  It is a great feeling using these pieces, knowing their quirks and imperfections as well as the quality of materials and joinery in each.

Using these pieces adds a dimension to my woodworking consisting of a layer of practicality of what works, not just the theory of what should work.

I still have a few pieces to go, including a couple of side chairs and a bench for the dining table, a coffee table, a telephone stand, and a bedside table.  Better yet, I have a realistic plan for completing these pieces.

When I finish these projects, will I be "done" with the furnishing of this apartment? 

I doubt it.

By then, I expect my taste and standards will have changed, and it will be time to start over, replacing these pieces one by one.  I'm not sure that one can achieve perfection in woodworking, but the fun is all in the pursuit.

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