Thursday, May 1, 2014

Brand New Mitre Box

Well, practically brand new.

I lurk on the Old Tools List.  The other day, someone said they ran across this mitre box in practically new condition, and put it up to the first "I want it!"

I was lucky.  Due to the cost of shipping, I can't gloat over a low-low price, but I can gloat over the condition this thing is in.

I bet someone put the saw in it and pushed it back and forth a couple times.

It is a Stanley No. 2246.

I have wanted a mitre box for a long time.  I bought one off of eBay a couple years back, and the dummy who sent it to me just dropped it in a cardboard box and mailed it to me in Germany.  Needless to say, the casting was broken in a couple of spots, and there was nothing for it but to go in the trash.

This made me a bit hesitant, but the deal looked too good to pass up.  When it arrived, I was alarmed that the seller had sent it in it's original box.

I am not a collector, so I really hate to get user tools with original boxes.  The reason is because I feel I can't throw away the original box to a vintage tool.  What if I want to sell it to a collector one day?

Happily, the seller filled the box full of shipping popcorn which kept the casting in one piece.

I needed some practice making videos, as I haven't done one in a while.  Enjoy.

Oral Hygienist (Uke Stanza) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Now, all I need is to figure out where to store my new mitre box in my teeny shop space!


  1. That is a nice box. I have one just like it that I just used to cut and install bathroom moldings. I just wish the depth of cut were a bit bigger for taller moldings. Sometimes when making a full stroke the end wants to slip out. I have thought of tightening one of those stair makers guides for carpenters squares onto the blade to provide a stop. Just haven't tried it yet.


    1. Hi Ty, thanks for the comment.

      My understanding is is common to drive some kind of pin into the hole at the toe end of the saw that keeps the saw from coming out. Does your saw have a little hole in the spine at the very toe?

  2. Nope. No hole, but it is just a cheap warranted superior saw. There is an old Disston Philad'a miter saw that would fit hanging up in an antique store here, but it is a bit rusty and pitted. I don't know how it would clean up and I haven't wanted to pay the $25 to find out.