Sunday, October 13, 2013

Back From Vacation and An Idea for a Future Project

I am back from my world travels.

I had a wonderful time visiting family in the US and doing a bit of sightseeing. I do have to say, though, that there is a very strange method of house construction where we went.

Travel can be a real drag, and a nine hour time difference seems to be more and more difficult with each passing year. I hope to get my shop in order and start cranking out some projects in the near future. Lord knows, I have a couple old projects to finish, and a few more on the burner.

Why not one more?

I was perusing an online auction house the other day for inspiration for a great new project, and found this:

photos courtesy Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

It is a small liquor cabinet from the late 19th century. Click here if you would like to visit the original auction post.

This thing looks like a blast to build, and I think it is just my style. Most likely, I won't attempt a reproduction, but I am leaning toward building it in my own style following this form.

The first step will to be to find myself four worthy decanters. That shouldn't be tough, but finding ones of the quality I want that I can afford is a different story.

With this project cooking in my brain, we'll see how far I get on the other projects that were first in line.


  1. You must be very far north such that the sun is so low that the tree grows that way... I like the liquor chest idea. That seems like a good idea, I look forward to seeing it develop.

  2. Where did you see a house like that one? Funny. I like the decantor chest!