Monday, July 15, 2013

Good Idea for a Collapsible Trestle

The other day I was trying to describe to my friend Jonas from Mulesaw an idea for a table. He said a local club asked him to build some tables for their house. Since he is in Denmark, I suggested he should call them Viking tables. I don't think these are really called that, but if you make them, you can call them whatever you want. Right?

Later that week The Frau and I went on a hike up to the Schachenhaus.  Lo and behold, there were some old, handmade versions of this exact table I was thinking of up there.

They look good in this setting

This one has two pine boards for a top.

Fairly straghtforward joinery with lap joints and wedged through tenons.

A neat touch is the sliding dovetail.  You can also see removable pins holding the top to the legs.
It looks like they go together and come apart to store flat.  Sitting at them was comfortable, and they are stable.  Plus, as you can see, they last a long time under hard use.

Here's a couple more pictures from our hike:

Even with the mist it was a beautiful day.


Crazy King Ludwig's hunting lodge.

Alpine gentian (Enzian) in the botanical garden.


  1. "De Wuscht" and Kartoffelsalat is making me very hungry.

  2. Beautiful pictures and settings

    1. The German Alps are beautiful mountains to hike in.

  3. Hi Brian.

    Those table look really cool. I think I will try to copy them.
    The Internet connection on this ship is unbelieveably slow. So the quality of the images makes you feel back in the days of Commodore 64 computers. So I can't see the details.

    Thanks for the inspiration, I'll take a better look once I get home.
    Jonas (In the middle of Skagerrak)

    1. The advantage of looking at those tables from a slow internet connection is that those tables will look just like that after four or five beers.