Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shoulder vise installation

Here is the sandwich construction of the new shoulder vise. It is made from an old shoulder vise I had on another old workbench. I'll try to reuse the drilled hole for a reinforcement threaded rod.


Here is the glue up on the bench itself. As a side note, I have left the kerosene heater running, in order to keep the temperature so that the glue will actually work.
The pressure plate is being made from a piece of exotic wood (I think it is mahogany of some kind, I bought 0.5 cbm leftover from the production of windows etc.) I chose it due to the hardness, so it wouldn't get damaged by the spindle pressing directly on the backside of it.
I cheated and used the table saw.

More cheating for dressing the mahogany to the desired thickness and to remove a slight twist.
 The shoulder vise of the old workbench. The pressure plate is kept in place by an "anti tilt stick" which is held up by another stick below the surface of the bench.

The glue up of the pressure plate and the "anti tilt stick". Since it is mahogany I have added glue to both sides of the joint.
I drilled four holes for screws to hold it together, but probably due to the aforementioned cheating, the 4 mm brad point drill broke inside one of the holes. So I had to settle for 75% holding power..

Here the pressure plate, anti tilt stick have been glued together. The stop block that will keep the assembly in place is ready to recieve the screws.

 Here is the first test of holding a stick of wood. I couldn't figure out how to rotate the picture.

The plan is to install a threaded rod (12 mm) to prevent the screw of the vise to burst the glue up of the shoulder vise.

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