Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm Going to a Woodworking Class!

The Schwarzmeister

I didn't think I was going to get to go this year.  It turns out that there are a couple days this summer where work perhaps won't interfere, and that lines up perfectly with Chris Schwarz' class at Dictum on building a bowsaw.

I have been extremely fortunate.  Last year I had the opportunity to build a Roubo workbench in his class, and the year before I built an Anarchist's Tool Chest and a layout square.

I didn't think I needed a tool chest, but I find it is awesome for keeping my tools and my shop in some sense of order.  Well worth it.

I definitely didn't need a new workbench, but find my Roubo with a 5 1/2" thick French oak top is totally badass, and is no comparison to the bench I had before.

Jonas from Mulesaw gave me a bowsaw last year.  It might look a little plain, but it works fabulously.  I don't really need another one.

So why do I do this?  It is difficult to explain, but it is just so great to be in a big honking workshop with a bunch of cool people working wood, trading stories, trying out tools, drinking adult beverages, and basically indulging in an opportunity to get my hand tool fix for the year.  Oh, I almost forgot, also so I can learn something.

As much fun as it all is, learning something - no matter what the end product is, is worth twice the price.  And in this case I will hopefully wind up with a smokin' bow saw.

I highly recommend Chris' classes.  If you ever get the opportunity to take one, do it.


  1. Hope you have fun! Sounds like a great time. I love woodworking classes but I don't know if I'll squeeze one in this year.

    1. Thanks, Bill. I am looking forward to it.

  2. Good for you!
    That ATC class is the best course I have ever taken. It also happens to be my only woodworking course.
    But it even beats HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) which was a pretty OK course as well).
    I would really love to go, but I doubt that it will work out.

    1. That was fantastic. The workbench class last year was just as good, but with a lot more grunting. Those oak bench tops are heavy!

  3. it's too far away for me! I am in Alsace, Frankreich, 6-7 hours drive, I wish there was a sawbench or a roubo classe instead... or better a dutch tool chest class !!!.. may be next year...

    1. You never know. The other class he is teaching right after the bow saw class is for the Rhoorkee chair (sp?). That looks like fun, too. I definately can't go to that one, though.

      Alsace is where my ancestors come from. I went to Strassbourg once, and it was beautiful there.