Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Crashing the Party II

At my favorite Munich beer garden, the Hofbraeu Keller Biergarten.
Although I am not enrolled in the class this week at Dictum with Tom Fidgen and his bowsaw, I found out where they were after I got home from work tonight and imposed myself.

From left to right in the photo is a cool guy from Darmstadt whose Roubo bench is in a shop even smaller than mine, Tom Fidgen, a really nice guy from the Netherlands and the world famous Austrian Alex.

Sorry I forgot your names already, guys.  I'm really bad that way.  Perhaps you could help me out in the comments.

What I really should be writing about is building chairs, now that it is June.

I still fully intend to build a pair of chairs this month, and invite anyone else who wants to build one to let me know.  I'll post pictures, links to your blog, Instagram, whatever.  I think that this might be a fun way to build a chair, along with a hoard of internet builders.  I especially would like to post your photos of your build if this is your first chair ever.

Happy June!


  1. Replies
    1. Cool! I'm looking forward to see what you come up with.

  2. Hi Brian

    I am very sorry to let you know that I have to pull out of this chair build. I still think it is an excellent idea and will love to joy one in future. My excuse is that I got presented with an opportunity to get a whole heap of really good wood for free if I build a big table out of some of it for a friend. You might have seen the post I wrote about it.

    I will however follow your build closely. You continue to make me jealous by hanging out with legends like Tom Fidgen.

    Sorry again mate.

    1. Oh, well. It's not like a paid commission or anything. It is annoying when life gets in the way.

      When you get around to building chairs to match that table, we'll all eagerly be watching.

  3. Hi Brian, the man right of Tom is also an Alexander, like the "Austrian Alex" :) , but he comes from the Netherlands :)). It was great evening in this perfect beer garden and I asked myself what you discussed with Tom. I have a good spy-foto of you both - but I don´t know how to upload it to this comment. I will email it to you.
    And I am sorry that I also have to quite the chair project: My excuse is going next week to Slovenia with the students and I doubt that I can finish the project in the last week of June - we will see, maybe I am wrong.
    All the best for everybody building the chair - a great idea - Alex the Austrian

    1. Hi Alex!

      Thanks for the photo you emailed me. I will post it soon with some of the other pics I took at the workshop. What a nice class that must have been.