Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fingers In the Till - 48" Rule

Since I am in the middle of a chair build, I'm sure you might expect me to pull out a cool chairmaker's tool for this instalment of "Fingers In the Till." 

You'd be wrong.

Instead, today's episode is about an innocuous layout tool, a 48" rule.

One long ruler.
What I love about this one, is that sometimes you really want a long rule, and sometimes a yardstick just isn't quite enough.

I have had this rule (actually, I think I have two) for almost 20 years, and I find I use it all the time.  I actually used to build golf clubs, and this rule is important for that.  It has been a LONG time since I have done that, but this rule still finds use in my shop.

I use it often as a straight edge.  It isn't certified flat to a billionth of an inch, but it also doesn't cost $352.  I find that it is pleny accurate for woodworking.  Indeed, I am using it in the above photo for laying out tapers on my chair legs.

Shockingly, this rule is available from Golfworks for $10.99.  You can't beat it.
Measures to 1/8".
If you find you don't like measuring tapes, and need to measure something to 39 1/2", this tool is indispensable for a low budget.

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