Monday, April 13, 2015

Swedish Egg Beater Drill

At least I think it is Swedish.  I found no maker's marks on it.
After renovating.
This little drill seems to work great!  I am about to make another cribbage board, and remembered this little gem came in the Danish Hoarde, the pile of tools I got from Jonas' dad when I was in Denmark. 
Danish Hoarde.
The only marks I could find on it were on the handle arm.
It's hard to see, but I think it says, "Foreign3."

This bit says, "Import."
Actually, since it says "Import," it could be from the UK.


  1. Ah, a nice one too. Seems that we had a similar topic to care about the last weekend.
    I have still to refurbish mine.

    1. I wouldn't consider this so much a refurbish as a hosing off.