Sunday, April 26, 2015

Alex's Video Tips

My good friend Alex, who teaches woodworking to various age groups in Austria, has finished a series of woodworking videos and put them up on YouTube. 

They turned out great.  They are only about five minutes long each, so they are easy to watch. 

The videos are in German, but if you don't understand German, you might still be able to follow along as his illustrations and examples are good. 

If you do understand German, even better.

This first one is called Markiertipps.  It has some nice tips on marking lumber and your project.

Here is some other German that will help us English speaking types to get through this video:
  • Tischlerdreieck - cabinet maker's triangle
  • Bleistifthaerte - pencil lead hardness
  • Anspitzen - sharpening
  • Anreissmesser - marking knife
Check out the rest of his videos while you are there!

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