Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One obstacle rarely comes alone.

I finally finished the shelves for the cabinet, so it could receive some toys and help to keep a tidy room.
Now there is just one obstacle left.

The cabinet is too large to be carried up our staircase..

So since I have (more or less) sworn a solemn oath, that this cabinet shall be mounted in our youngest sons room.
The most straightforward solution is to disassemble the entire cabinet (which is probably between 80 - 100 years old).
So Now I have a partly disassembled cabinet in my workshop, and a new job putting it back together and applying some new paint on it before it can be mounted.

A little sympathy would be appreciated :-)


  1. Not as bad as building a bank of cabinets, installing them, and finding that the wall is 3/4" too short.

  2. I do feel bad for you. I've seen projects like that around this house - lots of them. And then they never get finished. Your idea is a good one, Brian! Or maybe the wall is short lengthwise. Can't you just put in a 3/4" piece of wood to fill in the space? Even if the it needs to be on top. Just sayin' . . .

  3. I would say that Ralphs short wall is even worse. At least my project didn't involve a lot of first class woodworking.

    In the fine tradition, today wasn't exactly a winner either.
    My wife wanted me to install a lamp that we got for Christmas (a 2nd hand one). So I had to destroy the lower back panel on a wall mounted shelving system in order to get to a receptacle that has been hinding there for many years. After fiddling a lot we were ready to screw the lamp to the wall, and SURPRISE a part is missing, so the shade can't fit :-)

    So I would like to quote Donna Summer: "The only way is UP"
    Have a nice wekend without too many obstacles.