Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blog Review: Scott Berkun

If all of you woodworkers haven't heard of Scott Berkun yet, don't worry.  This is not what you think.

Scott Berkun writes about writing.

So, this post is more for you woodworking bloggers out there than for those of you who want my thoughts on the latest router bits.

If you want my thoughts on the latest router bits, here they are:  I plan to do all of my future moldings with hand planes.  Forget the router.  Fearing for my life and not being able to hear for two days is not my idea of fun.
Stay on target...
Gold Five (1977)
I was flipping through my search engine today and stumbled accross this post:

How to Write a Book – The Short Honest Truth

His writing style is very engaging.  I found myself clicking around on different posts, and came upon this video that I think may be helpful to bloggers on any subject:

It is a time lapse movie of the author writing an essay, 30X normal speed.  Plus he speaks about what he is doing.

I think I might read this blog regularly, and hopefully pick up a few tips on writing.  This blog seems a bit different of an approach than most of the writing courses I took in college.  In other words, I think I can put these ideas to good use!

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