Monday, June 19, 2017

Fogueres 2017

Being new in Spain, we are learning about the Fogueres festival that is held here in Alicante every year. Mostly it looks like everyone in Spain comes here to party for the whole month of June.

One really great thing they do for this festival is a competition. Local artists build these gargantuan paper maché sculptures. See my photos, these people take this competition seriously. I took these photos tonight when the Frau and I went for a walk to see them. Most of them were still under construction, but they still are beautiful. One thing I noticed is near every big one, there was a smaller one for the kids.

The winner of the competition gets to have their sculpture displayed in the local Fogueres museum, and the rest of them get burnt at midnight this coming Saturday.Im

Perhaps we should use this model for next year's June Chair Build?

This one is directly in front of our building.

Here is a view of it from our living room.
For a proper explanation of the Fogueres festival in Alicante, check out the official website.


  1. Wow, very neat, enjoy and thanks for sharing these great pics.
    Bob, who never heard of that festival

    1. Hey Bob, Thanks for the comment. I had never heard of this festival, either. It also involves fireworks every day at 2:00 in the afternoon, street parties with loud music until 4 a.m, and fires on the beaches with more fireworks at midnight.

      If nothing else, these people know how to party!

    2. Thanks, Bob!

      I hadn't heard of it either. Today there must have been a million marching bands making racket downtown. It looks like tonight outside our window a live band will be competing with the two DJs that blasted music until 4am last night.