Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rehab #4 Slöjd Knife

OK, the title is a little bit accidentally misleading on purpose.  It gives you the impression that I've rehabbed four knives so far, but it really is just the one.  From yesterday's post, the #4 knife is the one I rehabbed today.
This knife was the only one that was a bit overly rusty.  I gave it an hour or two in citric acid yesterday to take care of the rust, and was pleased with the result.  There were only two little spots that were deformed a little bit from rust, and neither near the cutting edge.

The next problem was that the cutting edge was just about as dull as the back.  This will need some grinding.

I have been waiting for an excuse to re-mount my hand-cranked grinder to a place where it would be a bit more stable and where I could mount my tool rest.  I thought I would make my saw bench into a grinding platform when the need arises.

After excavating a huge hole in the middle, which didn't work (and had I thought the process through, I would have realized it), I settled on the below configuration.

Saw bench come grinding station.
The only problem with this configuration is that it requires the wheel to be spun backwards, and this magnificent grinding wheel doesn't like that as well.  I'll have to play with this a bit.  Too bad I don't have more space.

Moving on, I made do, and ground the knife to a rough shape.

It turned out rough, indeed.  But, going through the grits on my waterstones, I finally got a suitable edge.  It took a couple hours all together, but I suspect maintaining this edge should be easier now.

Here's a better view of the logo
Not quite as pretty as the one Jonas' dad did, but it should be functional.  Now, to put it to work!


  1. I think it looks really good. Did you use some steel wool on the blade after the citric acid?
    Did you to anything to the handle, like add some oil or wax?
    A new knife is nice, but there is something which is difficult to describe concerning an old worn tool handle.

    1. No, I didn't think of steel wool to shine it up. The only part that is shiny is the part that was polished with a stone.

      I haven't done anything to the handle. I was considering repainting it, but like you, the old worn handle is cool in it's own way.

      Besides, less work that way.

    2. Hello,

      These are great and handy knives for in the workshop.


    3. Hi Ernest, thanks for the comment.

      I am slowly beginning to realize. this.