Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Celebrity Deathmatch! Toolerable: 0 - The Frau: 1

You'll never guess what kept me out of the shop today.

I was busy building furniture.  Or, more accurately,  a furniture-shaped object.

SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) has been bugging me for years for a new shoe cabinet.  We have been thinking about a design, it is just that shoe cabinets over here in Germany tend not to be the most convenient things to put shoes in.

Our old shoe cabinet we got at some discout store somewhere.  For as big and ugly as it was, it didn't really hold that many shoes.

I have been meaning to make one, essentially in the style of a bookcase with some doors.  Except for shoes.

I think knocking it together with some nails would be just fine.

The problem is I have about 25 different things on my list of things to make that are in front of this project (most of which I'm not too excited about).

The Frau wants a new shoe cabinet, NOW!

She picked out a couple from a catalog, and I begrudgingly picked one out with her.  It was delivered yesterday, so today I took it out of the box.

Some assembly required.
I hate this stuff, but at the moment it is necessary.  I would really love to have a household full of beautiful furniture that I built myself, that will last forever, but we just aren't quite there yet.

My big problem with this stuff is that it is designed to last about two years before it totally gives up.  That's fine for an apartment dweller who moves every once in a while.  I like the idea of more permanent stuff.

And I also thought this was a laugh:

Doesn't this make you feel happy and green?
I could build a cabinet out of endangered rosewood that would last forever and have a lower environmental impact than this cabinet.  This particle board is supposed to be thrown out after two years when it dies.  A decent piece of furniture from my bench should last generations.

Anyway, here is the final product, it should make The Frau happy.

It will probably motivate me to make a proper shoe cabinet.


  1. I actually like the idea regarding how the shoes are stored.
    We have an open shoe shelf which is not an optimal way to have shoes stored. It could also be that there are too many shoes and that some of them are too big.
    I fear the day when my boys will grow feet in size 12, then we will really be out of space.
    But assembling something like that is NEVER fun.
    I hope it will last until you are ready to make a nice homemade one.

  2. I wear a size 12. My shoes fit nowhere. My wife says I should store them in the attic, but I think she could live with your solution.

  3. Yo! Have you evened the score yet to 1-1 by getting the treasure trove that I sent your way?