Friday, November 23, 2012

Dictum's New Store


Dictum opened a new retail store in Munich, and it is fantastic!  Check out these photos:

Nice assortment of Lie Nielsen, Veritas, and DICK planes.

For the power tool junkies, you can see in the above picture that Dictum carries the blue professional line of Bosch tools, Festool and Mafel brands.  Dictum is the only store in Munich that carries all three.

Large assortment of fancy knives and knife-making supplies.

The Wall-O-Saws... and chisels... and carving tools.
They have a very nice selection of Japanese saws.  I don't belong to a western or Japanese school of thought, so I don't mind using any of these tools.  One of the best saws for woodworkers starting out, in my humble opinion, is the DICK Ryoba saw.  This one saw will keep you busy a long time, and for less than 30 Euros.  Even though I have some great western saws, I still reach for this saw every once in a while.  Dictum also has a nice selection of Lie-Nielsen backsaws here for you to try out.

More axes than one could ever use.
 DICK now has a sweet looking froe.  A big one.

Sensory Overload.

Any tool store that sells Soap-on-a-Rope is tops in my book.
To the utter dismay of The Frau, I find this store well stocked and laid out.  It is super convenient, as the kurs.werkstatt (a woodworking shop that teaches classes and rents time in their shop) is right across the hall.  I have been to this shop a few times.  It is perfect for me, as with my small, machine-less shop it is great to be able to go somewhere to resaw on a nice bandsaw and thickness plane wood for a large project.  As a bonus, it is right next to the Ostbahnof, which is only a ten minute bus-ride from my house.  If I drive, I can park in the parking garage right next to the entrance.

Although it has always been possible to use Dictum's website, and they have a marvelous catalog, there is nothing quite like being able to go to a retail store to handle, and indeed test out tools before you buy.  One could always do this in their store in Metten, but that one is a bit out of the way.  Munich should prove to be a much bigger market, and far more convenient for travelers to visit.  With the workshop right across the hall, this is set up to be an awesome place to travel to to take a class.  If you do, let me know and we'll grab a beer!

I think my hobby just got a lot more expensive!


  1. I went to Munich years ago with my wife and we loved it. With this store there now I'm not sure she'd let me go back!

  2. Soap on a rope in a tool store? That's a good one. This certainly looks like a fun store.

  3. Be sure to drink the beer AFTER you play with the power tools.