Saturday, May 9, 2015

Estate Sale Finds!

My modest haul.
I would love to be writing about how I finished my Plate 19 Moulders.  However, not so much that I would postpone my vacation.  I am visiting family in Denver, and am lucky enough to be able to tack a couple days in Amana on the end of my trip.
You never know what can happen when my mother poses for a photo with me.
One of my sisters who has always been addicted to garage sales went with me to an estate sale.  I have never been to one, and wanted to check out one.  Living in Germany is definitely a handicap, as I would have to take anything I found back with me in my checked luggage.

Luckily, I found a couple of things that I couldn't resist picking up.

First up is a really cool side hatchet by Plumb.

The only thing I could read on the hatchet.
It is a really cool shape, and I was able to get it for half what it was marked.
I like this shape.
The cool thing about a side hatchet is it is flat on one side, which I imagine will be handy for my style of woodworking.  In my mind, it should make it easier to chop down to a line on a board for quick removal of material amongst other uses.
The back side.
Unfortunately it has a handle that needs replacing.  It looks like it has been abused.  It also looks like someone put this handle in after buying it at the store, as it is wedged with nails and doesn't fit well.  A side hatchet also should have a bent handle for saving your fingers, but this one is straight.  Lastly, the balance is off.  I think I would get very tired using this hatchet for any length of time.

Perhaps someone at Handworks would like to do a demonstration on re-handling a side hatchet!

My next find there was this large rat-tail file by Johnson.  I think it perhaps could be unused, as the teeth are very sharp.  Only a tiny bit of rust from rolling around in the tool box I found it in for who knows how long.
A nice large file.
The other good thing is it says "U.S.A." on it.  I have never heard of this file manufacturer, but the USA makes me think it is quality.

One way to find out!
"Johnson U.S.A."
Last, I found a made in U.S.A. steel rule.
Steel rule.
It is marked in 1/8" and 1/16" on one side, and 1/16" and 1/32" on the other. 
More quality.  There isn't a maker printed.
The file and rule I got for $2.  I could always use a deal on a file, and I don't like continually removing the rule from my square when I want to measure.  I don't measure often, but when I do, etc...

The last bit here is not a tool, but it is fairly old.  A U.S. penny from 1855 my Dad just gave me from his Dad's collection.

You have no idea how cool this coin is.
Due to the nature of this coin, I wrote about it on my family's blog.  Follow this link at your peril, as there is some adult content that shouldn't be viewed by anyone!

I warned you, this link expands on this ancient American penny.


  1. Look me up in Amana, Brian! I'll be at the Philly Planes booth most of the time.

  2. That is one cool coin for sure :-) Great sense of humour from the past.
    Do I sense an axe handle fabrication blog post in the future?

    The large rat tail file is a great find, and making a handle isn't hard to do.


    1. My grandpa was a character, for sure.

      It definitely needs a new handle, I'll have to do some research.